Broker for all investements

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade uses a platform called Think Or Swim (TOS). The long list of brokers can be overwhelming but TD is very well known for the platform they use.  The best part is they offer zero commissions, and they do not have platform fees. They have such a solid platform that most people use the platform even if they trade with another broker. They are known for the TOS platform that is jam packed with options. The charting is the best with many options to make it your own. They also have a simulator mode that allows you to trade the market with fake money. Everything is real time quotes, and real stocks trading in real time, but the money is fake. It allows you to learn the in and outs of day trading or learning new strategies with no risk of loosing actual money. They do have to follow the PDT rule of day trading. 

Broker to Avoid PDT


CMEG is a broker that is located offshore and that allows you to avoid the PDT rule. (PDT rule covered in Resources Page). They are a Direct access broker and that means quick executions of trades. With CMEG you are able to trade with margin with starting capital as low as $500. CMEG does however have commissions on each trade placed when buying and again when selling. Promo codes make them lower. Also will be paying a platform fee monthly on the last day of the month. They run two of the best and well known platforms, DAS and Sterling trader. CMEG is a great place to start with small amount of capital but still have margin and no PDT rule that can really expedite your capital growth. 

Broker Known for Fast Executions


Lightspeed Broker is a very fast program and is well know for executions being completed lighting fast. They have two really good platforms to choose to trade with. You can use sterling pro program or the Lightspeed program. The LightSpeed program is similar to the sterling pro platform. With Lightspeed you will pay commissions per trade.